Marek Hamšík AZZURRI - Special edition with signature

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We have decided to combine our name, quality Shinguards, with a world renowned football player to contribute to a good cause.

Marek Hamšík has been playing in our shin pads for many years. We are part of his football life and therefore, have decided to create something special for him, the fans, and the players.

In cooperation with Marek, we have prepared a special edition of his shin guards with his signature and certificate. By selling these shin pads, we support a project of Marek’s choice.

Marek has chosen to support his mother club, which he founded. From each sold pair of these unique shin guards, we will donate to the club JUPIE FUTBALOVÁ SCHOOL MAREKA HAMŠÍKA.

The shin pads are made in Italy using the latest technology. They are characterized by their excellent anti-shock properties as well as their weight. Weighing only 30 grams, they are among the lightest football shin pads on the market. We used anti-allergic material, which is also pleasant to the skin. Thanks to its size of 15cm it is used by football players from children to adults.